Our Hotelrooms

All hotelrooms at Hotel Keizershof are unique, overlooking either our garden or the canal. The rooms have large windows, letting in plenty of natural light.
Each room has a wardrobe and comfortable chairs to relax after a long day in Amsterdam. Enjoy the panoramic views and historic features such as overhead beams.
There is NO elevator available due to the historic features of this 349-year old building.

All rooms have an electric hot water kettle with a selection of Twinings finest tea’s and Yogi infusion. Soap and shampoo are also supplied.
Each room has 6 pillows: both hard and soft ones. If needed we can supply you with anti-allergic pillows. All beds are recent boxspings beds. Children up to 6 years of age are free of charge. We supply children’s bed for them. All rooms have a hairdryer. Upon request, we have pressing service.


Since we’re a small family hotel, bookings go fast. Want to know what rooms are available?